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Penny Classic 22″ pink

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A culture by the plastic skateboard revolution in the 1970’s. Penny Australia – The Original Plastic skateboard continues to play tribute to that slice of history with its Classic Collection. The Penny Classic range continues to build the Penny Skateboard legacy.

Available in pink, purple, red, blue, glow in the dark and black rasta

The original plastic skateboard – the penny skateboard is back. Emerging in the mid – 1970′s,these skateboards were one of the finest and stylish skateboards. With its sharp turns and small surface area, they are the perfect way to get around and its small frame makes it portable and handy to fit in your back pack. Penny completes are sized 22″ x 6 ” and are manufactured from high quality secret formula plastic. They have custom 3″ Penny trucks, 59mm 78A super smooth Penny wheels and high quality Abec 7 bearings.


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